26 November 2018 / Aachen, Germany
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26 November 2018
Aachen, Germany
IraSME & CORNET Partnering Event Aachen 2018

Elevator Pitch Sessions

Download: Agenda (PDF) | Agenda incl. Pitches (PDF) follow soon

The concept of the Elevator Pitches is to put your project idea in a nutshell and convince potential partners to join your project in the time of a (quite long) elevator ride of 5 min. Instead of a project idea you can also present your organisation and your technical expertise to meet potential project partners. After the presentations there is room to meet and discuss a partnership in detail.

We will organise the pitches in thematic sessions. We already announced a few technical areas for the sessions according to our experience from the previous events. However we will group the pitches in three groups according to the submissions.

Please send your presentation via email including the following information:

  • Your name + organisation and title + field of technology of your presentation
  • Short description of your presentation ("Organisation profile" or 150 letters about your project idea)
  • Do you agree that your presentation is published online after the event?

Deadline for presentations: 16 November 2018

The Sessions are thematically completly open.


Campus-Boulevard 55
Aachen, Germany

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Participants 102
Meetings 49


Austria 5
Belgium 22
Canada 16
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 1
France 3
Germany 72
Greece 1
Spain 1
Total 122


Company 49
University 19
R&D Institution 24
Association/Agency 12
Authority/Government 10
Other 8
Total 122